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Fidelis Polygraph

Take the Time, Get to the Truth

Cases of infidelity deserve the utmost care and attention.

Court-Ordered Lie Detector Test

Non-judgmental, confidential results for your case.

Wrongfully Accused

Solidify your innocence. Get proof to clear your name.

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Trustworthy Results from Responsible Polygraph Experts in Indiana

Get accurate polygraph results from a team that puts in the time to get it right. With these results being potentially life-changing in nature, you want to be sure that you’re in good hands. Our methods are systematic and thorough. We take the time to interview the client and get to know him or her, so they’ll be relaxed and comfortable for efficient, reliable results. Furthermore, your lie detector test results will only with those whom you choose.

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Unbiased, Non-Judgmental Lie Detector Testing Service

You won’t be in the hot seat with us. Ryan West, the owner/lead polygraph examiner, provides a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere—not only to make our clients more comfortable but also to get the most accurate lie detector test results in Indiana. As a United States Marine, Ryan knows what it's like to deal with a challenge. We never judge you or your past actions—we’re here to provide you with a service. You’ll be treated with the utmost respect and your information will be kept private.

Our Polygraph Testing Process


This is where we get settled in, build trust and make you feel comfortable, and get ready for the test.

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The actual test is thorough but straightforward. We take our time and make sure you feel relaxed for accurate readings.

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Post Interview

Here, we do a brief recap of the process and tell you what happens next. We’ll let you know when to expect your results.

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