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Fidelis Polygraph has been providing sophisticated and accurate polygraph services since 2016.

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Modern Polygrapher in Central Indiana

Fidelis Polygraph was founded in Lafayette, Indiana by Ryan and Keavy West in 2016 when they noticed that other examiners in the area were either retiring or moving away. This forced clients to travel to other cities for their polygraph needs, which created a large gap in the community for these services. Ryan and Keavy were happy to fill that gap with professional, compassionate, and nonjudgmental polygraph services for all of Indiana.

Ryan is the primary examiner, currently performing all exams, and attended the National Polygraph Academy in 2016. As a United States Marine from 1996-2014, Ryan believes in doing his job well and is a proud supporter of many charities, including giving back to veterans in need.

Our Polygraph Testing Process


This is where we get settled in, build trust and make you feel comfortable, and get ready for the test.

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The actual test is thorough but straightforward. We take our time and make sure you feel relaxed for accurate readings.

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Post Interview

Here, we do a brief recap of the process and tell you what happens next. We’ll let you know when to expect your results.

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