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One of our greatest freedoms is also one of our greatest liabilities: the ability to keep one’s thoughts to themselves.

Law Enforcement Polygraph Examiner

Many times, innocence is difficult to ascertain. Polygraphs are a great tool for eliminating any ambiguity.

Pre-Employment Screening

Many government jobs require Polygraph testing like the Fire Dept. and Law Enforcement. 

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Polygraph Examiner for Indiana

It may not be a pleasant scenario, but there are plenty of reasons to suspect dishonesty from those around you. Whether they are friends, family, employees, or strangers who you feel have wronged you—sometimes, the only solution left is the trusting hands of a polygraph examiner.

Here are some of the cases modern polygraph has been a proven aid in:

  •  Allegations of Child Abuse
  •  Allegations of Official Misconduct
  •  Allegations of Public Corruption
  •  Allegations of Sexual Misconduct
  •  Clear the Wrongfully Accused
  •  Domestic Disputes
  •  Equal Opportunity Matters
  •  Hidden Assets
  •  Fidelity Issues
  •  Fire Department Employment Screening
  •  Insurance Fraud
  •  Law Enforcement Employment Screening
  •  Property Crimes
  •  Probation and Parole Management and Monitoring
  •  Sex Crimes Investigations
  •  Sex Offender Testing
  •  Sex Offender Management and Monitoring
  •  Sexual Harassment
  •  Sporting Events
  •  Troubled Youths
  •  Verify Statements and Information
  •  White Collar Crimes

Our Polygraph Testing Process


This is where we get settled in, build trust and make you feel comfortable, and get ready for the test.

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The actual test is thorough but straightforward. We take our time and make sure you feel relaxed for accurate readings.

move forward with fidelis polygraph indiana

Post Interview

Here, we do a brief recap of the process and tell you what happens next. We’ll let you know when to expect your results.

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